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Licensed - 7Gzh - 40Ghz Microwave

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Licensed - 7Gzh - 40Ghz Microwave

About Solectek Communications

The SkyWay-QM Series represents the top end of licensed microwave products available in the market today. In a single radio+antenna system, the radio link features a true 1 Gbps full duplex (2 Gbps aggregate) throughput without resorting to complex multi-radio N+0 configuration.

The single unit gigabit operation has been available with E-Band systems at 70/80GHz, but with a much shorter link distance. SkyWay-QM operating at 18/23 GHz now will allow customers to extend the same gigabit rate to long distance applications without compromising the link availability up to 99.999%.to 5km in most rain regions and the built-in ACM feature will protect the link reliability for longer link distances.

The compact form factor to achieve the gigabit rate means cost savings due to easy equipment purchase and simplified tower logistics due to smaller, lighter tower loading and lower tower lease expenses. The SkyWay-QM Series features an internal 5 port GigE switch with one RJ-45 port and four SFP ports for maximum flexibility in interface choices. IP66- based enclosure allows for outdoor deployments with a wide temperature range. The QM Series radio features high output power up to 26dBm for long distance with a variety of frequency band and channel BW options. The addition of 256QAM modulation adds capacity for shorter-hop applications with full rate gigabit connection. The ACM feature will ensure that the radio will automatically switch to a more robust modulation in the event that the local RF condition worsens, thus preserving the link connection in most cases. Network Management can easily be performed with the built-in web GUI with either HTTP or secure HTTPS protocols. SNMP support is provided so that the radio systems can be easily integrated in the customer's NMS environment.

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