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Solectek Corp. - Mfr of Fixed wireless & Un-Licensed Broadband Solutions.

Equinox Telecom / Global Wireless want to welcome you to our growing list of satisified customers of ISP's / Security + Communications Solutions Provider / Reseller Alliances User Groups & Worldwide Fiber Systems Integrators looking for Alternative purchasing choices in their Communication equipment products with Cost saving needs in mind !

Solectek Corporation manufactures long-range broadband wireless products used to transmit voice, data and video. Headquartered in San Diego, CA, the company is a pioneer in point-to-point and point-to-multipoint systems in the unlicensed and licensed frequency bands and has installations in more than 90 countries. Over the years, the Company has built a comprehensive wireless equipment portfolio for all broadband applications, encompassing high-capacity backhaul, fixed WiMAX, mobile data/voice, and wireless surveillance solutions. Contact us for your wireless needs today.

Solectek’s broad product portfolio provides all the solutions necessary for building high capacity, long range broadband wireless networks. Whether there’s a need to simply interconnect two buildings, create a wireless surveillance network or build a region-wide, multi-layer broadband access network, Solectek products are purpose-built to meet the demanding requirements of outdoor, broadband wireless deployments.

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