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Point to Point

5GHz 700Mbps & 1.2GBps 700mbps / 4+0 / TDM 6-40 GHz 320mbps / 4+0 / TDM 6-40 GHz 360mbps FD / All Outdoor / 6-40 GHz

SkyWay-LM: 320mbps / 4+0 / TDM 6-40 GHz


  • 3G/4G Cellular base station interconnection and backhaul
  • WiMAX backhaul
  • Backhaul video monitoring/surveillance traffic
  • Government inter-building networks
  • Enterprise PBX line interconnection and LAN extension
  • Connection of industrial sites for voice and data
  • NEW - Low latency (7 µs) version available

Technology Summary

Solectek’s SkyWay-LM Series is a flexible high capacity microwave PTP solution for mobile and private network backhaul applications.

The SkyWay-LM Series delivers a seamless combination of carrier-grade TDM and Ethernet packet data at full duplex data rates of 160 Mbps. Unlike other solutions using TDM over IP conversion systems, the SkyWay-LM uses native TDM framing. This delivers unparalleled TDM signal and frame timing accuracy to meet all carrier-grade requirements.

The system can be managed via web-based GUI, SNMP, or serial-based command line interface.

Programmability is built into the solution and the user can easily program parameters such as bandwidth, modulation, and data rates. Additional features such as FEC will insure the quality of the link condition for mission critical applications.

The flexible IDU+ODU solution allows wide frequency coverage from 6 GHz to 40 GHz to suit the need of FCC, ETSI, and other regulatory standards. Furthermore, the LM Series offers a 1+1 hot standby option to maximize system reliability.

The SkyWay-LM Series is part of Solectek’s complete wireless portfolio solution, providing backhaul transport for WiMAX last-mile access (SkyWay-MAX Series) and video surveillance networks (SkyWay 7000 Series).


  • Cost-effective, high-capacity system for transport of native TDM and IP traffic
  • Data Throughput: up to 320 Mbps (160 Mbps Full Duplex) with up to 16 x T1/E1 (integrated)
  • Proprietary implementation of native, transparent TDM transport across the wireless link
  • Split architecture for maximum flexibility in frequency selection and system reliability
  • 1+1 hot standby option
  • Flexible modem configuration
    • Programmable bandwidths and symbol rates
    • Programmable modulation modes (QPSK to 128 QAM)
    • Programmable FEC
    • User allocation between TDM and IP traffic
  • Enhanced Ethernet traffic management
    • VLAN-based security
    • Port-based QoS Priority assignment
    • Port-based date rate limiting
  • Link management interface
    • Web-based link management
    • SNMP monitoring
    • RS-232 Command line interface (Telnet and SSH)
  • Field upgradable firmware
  • Single cable interface to the ODU for data and power.
  • 1U 19-inch rack mount IDU
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