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New Essence - ES700 & ES1200 PTP Access Points offer Solectek’s fifth-generation OFDM product line in the 5GHz frequency band, answers the need for ever increasing data capacity demands for today’s large bandwidth multimedia applications. .

The improved RF link performance stems from high power radio with industry-leading Tx power up 26 dBm. more flexible deployments as well. while the advanced MIMO-based OFDM technology enhances near line-of-sight connections.

Technology Summary

The RF packet transport system of the Essence 700 & 1200 Series is designed from the ground up for optimized, outdoor use. SkyWay ES 700 features a high capacity MAC, capable of delivering up to 700 Mbps of usable IP capacity and, unlike competing solutions, preserves performance across long distances. Tuned frame aggregation in conjunction with Solectek’s HyperARQ™ intelligent packet retransmission makes the most of the Excel architecture and the limited spectrum.

With the ability to respond to changing RF conditions, the ES700 automodulation system provides an intelligent solution to simultaneously maximize system capacity and link reliability.

Quality of Service (QoS) features within the SkyWay series architecture allow tagged voice and video traffic to take priority over general data packet transfer, providing reliable, real-time capability even under congested link conditions. Priority privileges for marked frames are maintained from port to port: Ethernet through RF.

With security always a critical consideration, the SkyWay series delivers 128 bit AES encryption / decryption at line speed. The AES algorithm was selected to be the standard encryption method of the US Government by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). In addition, the Excel Series provides up to two levels of AAA protection through the configurable use of 802.1x/Radius and RF MAC authentication.

SkyWay Essence is available in two Series, each offering distinct levels of performance. The Excel 700 Series delivers best-in-class MIMO speed and distance performance with up to 700 Mbps of usable bandwidth at 10 miles (16km). For applications requiring less capacity, the Excel 12000 Series is a non-MIMO version offering up to 1200 Mbps of usable capacity while featuring all of the advanced features that the 700 Series offers.

Further enhancing deployment flexibility, SkyWay Essence is offered with several antenna options — an integrated panel antenna, or a connectorized version complete with N-type RF connector(s). Antennas, surge suppressors, cables and other accessories are also available directly from Solectek.

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