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LTE Small Cell Platform

The Athena Pixie™ is a customizable LTE small cell platform. Pixie provides a flexible hardware design in a small form factor and field-proven LTE eNodeB software. It also provides a complete set of APIs to enable wireless OEMs and system integrators bring to market a differentiated small cell solution rapidly and cost-effectively.

The Pixie hardware design consists of a high-capacity LTE baseband modem, a powerful quad-core network processor, dual-path RF, and backhaul interfaces packaged in a small indoor or outdoor enclosure. The hardware design is convection-cooled and production-ready. It allows for fast customization of frequency bands (from 700MHz to 2700MHz), power levels (from 1 milliwatt to 2 watts), industrial design, and network interfaces, including integrated gigabit wireless.

Pixie is a fully-functional LTE eNodeB. The software has been operational on several commercial LTE networks since 2012. The Pixie software also includes well-defined APIs that enable OEMs to easily integrate their existing algorithms, parameters and proprietary interfaces. The result is a differentiated LTE small cell solution that has feature parity and full compatibility with their existing LTE macro cell solution. Pixie APIs include interfaces for management (OAM) and self-organizing networks (SON) servers, as well as for customizing key eNodeB connection control parameters such as admission control, scheduler, handovers, quality-of-service (QoS) and more.

The Athena Pixie enables OEMs and system integrators to create a differentiated LTE small cell solution in a shorter time and at a lower cost. That’s the power of Pixie.

LTE Small Cell Platform

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